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Teddy My Bear

Turning memories into

treasured heirlooms.

Custom teddy bears and quilts.

Uniquely designed.

Lovingly hand-crafted.

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Photograph by:  ImagesbyRic

Dorothy, the bear who started it all

​I feel my maternal generations blend together when I look at my healing bear.


My Grandmother, Ella said to my Mom (Dorothy) at a time when she was lost and hurting, “It’s time you came home.”  My Mother, when her health was failing said to me, “It’s time you came home.”  I cared for my Mom when she needed me and I felt lost when we were separated.  


I hug my Ella Bear made from Mom’s treasured fur coat and feel like “I’ve come home.”  I find great comfort and healing when I see the little Dorothy bear on display, still sending out her love.

- Marjorie L.

Photograph by:  ImagesbyRic

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