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Bear and Quilt Artist

Hello,  and welcome to Teddy My Bear,

As a very young girl, I always had to have my hands busy with handicrafts.  My heart and hands were happy with sewing, crocheting, knitting, petit point, needlepoint or cross-stitch.

Then I took up quilting and fell in love.  My abilities grew as the quality of fabric and equipment improved.  As my experience grew in quilting, I also became a teacher and judge.

And then, I found my second love, making teddy bears out of old fur coats.  I enjoy the creative process right from start to finish, from meeting a family member with a fur coat and stories to share, to delivering a one-of-a-kind bear home to it's family.

It's a privilege to bring these special teddy bears to life under my hands.  They come alive and "speak to me" when their ears and eyes are added.  I know they carry meaning and hold memories for their families.

I am truly fortunate to bring the two things that I enjoy the best to you - quilting and bear making.  Come, wrap yourself up in one of my quilts and hug your teddy today.

Bear hugs to you,


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